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Make your machine run better with our computer upgrade service in El Paso, TX

It can be hard to let go of your computer if you've had it for a while. You might have data you want to keep or after-market parts you don't want to lose. Level up your outdated PC when you turn to One Stop IT Shop for computer upgrade service in El Paso, TX. We'll crack your computer open, troubleshoot the hard drive and repair whatever it is that's troubling your computer.

Don't lose money by throwing away a perfectly good PC. Call One Stop IT Shop today at 915-216-6962 to schedule computer repair services. Please note we do not do cell phone, tablet or screen repairs.

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You'll be surprised how much your computer improves

Has your computer slowed to a standstill? Does turning it on serve as a 15-minute exercise in patience? Transform your computer into the powerhouse it was always meant to be with computer upgrade service from One Stop IT Shop. We can:

  • See how long ago your computer was bought
  • Improve your computer's speed by upgrading the memory
  • Change or update your computer's old wireless card
Our computer repair service is meant to help, not hurt. That means we'll let you know if your computer can't be upgraded, or if buying a new one will be cheaper than repairing it.
Is your computer starting to lag? Call us at 915-216-6962 for your diagnostic.