Tackling IT Problems for Over 20 Years

Trust a long-time professional for IT service in El Paso, TX

Technology improves by leaps and bounds every year. Trying to keep up with it can seem impossible. Not only can software go out-of-date quickly, but hardware can also experience sudden breakdowns, leaving you without computer access. When you need quick and reliable IT service, turn to One Stop IT Shop.

One Stop IT Shop in El Paso, TX is run by Miguel Galindo. He's been a custom PC builder since 1999 and has solved IT problems for companies such as Xerox and E-Discovery firms in Silicon Valley in the past. When you need quick computer service, call us at 915-216-6962 to get back online today.

Improve your tech with great personalized service

Any number of things could go wrong with your computer. Luckily, One Stop IT Shop offers personalized computer repair service so that your tech issue, no matter what it is, is taken care of.

Here's how we take care of you in ways big retail chains won't:

  • We build custom rigs. We'll help you find and build the PC you've long wanted
  • We are eco-friendly. We recycle usable parts to keep the environment clean
  • We offer personalized services. We won't force upgrade packages that you don't need
  • We do our research. We'll research affordable options to help you stay within budget

Take charge of your IT service needs when you connect with us today.

Ensure your computer's safety

It doesn't matter if your computer is for personal or business use - its safety is paramount. That's why One Stop IT Shop works with a team of security professionals to offer malware removal services in the El Paso, TX area.

Browse the internet or do business with peace of mind by arranging for malware removal services today.